Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mindful Mornings with Yogaia

My ideal day starts out with 10 minutes of meditation the minute I open my eyes. I sit up straight in my bed, take a few deep breaths, and settle into the new day with a clear and conscious mind. If everything goes as planned, I will go on my daily run and then whip down the street for a pilates/yoga class, then get ready for what I hope will be a productive day. Unfortunately, as perfect as this sounds, these days are rare. 

    It seems as though I am in a constant state of going going going. I am a full-time student who has too much on my plate with a few snacks on the side. I have a career taking photos (don't get me wrong, I do love it.) that often requires me to wake up for sunrise more often than not to take photos before I have to go home and cram in the final moments of studying for class. I have what I can of a social life (being a literal hermit with my roommates). I also do my best to workout every day and always throw together some kind of green smoothie that makes me feel like I am healthy.

     No doubt, the nonstop lifestyle takens an extreme toll on my mental health and time spent being present. It is easy for me to get down on myself, which ultimately leads to less production, and less time glowing up to be the ideal human that I strive to be. 

     This past week I started a one-year subscription on an app called Yogaia. I have already taken a few yoga and meditation classes and I LOVED them. The app offers a myriad of live and recorded classes throughout the day led by a staff of kind and talented teachers from guided meditations and vinyasa flow, to Pilates and body strength classes. With a schedule like mine, it is difficult to have a routine and I often get frustrated with myself for not making time for yoga and other practices that make me feel so good and focused. I am so stoked to be a new member of Yogaia so that I can take classes whenever it works best during my day. Cheers to more mindful mornings! Click here for a free Free 7 day trial  :) 

Photos by the talented Kendall McLeod (@KendallMcLeod)

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