Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer Camping in Yosemite

   Yosemite in the summer is all kinds of magic. I'm lucky to have befriended the savviest campers I know who always come prepared and ready for anything, which usually means curling my 6'2 self up in the back seat to fit all the snacks and essential camp goodies for the drive ahead. The conversations get a little sweeter and a lot sleepier when driving through the winding roads of seemingly never ending wilderness with no service. I'm so grateful to have friends who will drive through the night just to arrive there at 3 am to sleep on the concrete and secure a camping spot for the next day.

   I'm extra grateful for my tiny bean Rachael who gladly shared a one person sleeping bag with me, covered in dirt, under those sweet summer stars for warmth and company. Those are the kind of golden nuggets you keep around.

   After a day of hiking and laying on the edge of Taft Point to catch the sunset and feel the myriad of bug bites, and the heaviness of our legs, we trudged back to camp for some hobo packets (the greatest things ever. Thx Kendall). There's nothing quite like summer campfires with friends, amongst the mountains, trees, and sweet families in their campers. It's my kind of bliss. I've come to realize how much distraction I am surrounded by and how great and freeing it is to exclude myself from it. I find so much goodness in the grit and struggles of living in nature. It's in these times that we laugh, we connect, and we bask in the beauty of life in solitude. I live for these moments.

Photography by Kendall McLeod (@kendallmcleod)

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